Managed Services for What Matters

 Cloud Technology, Virtualization and You

From vendor to vendor to vendor, here are some of the cloud services we use the most.
Across every platform in a general universiality- products that span across each platform.
The instance names may vary- but the core, foundational technologies are the same.

The Cloud Technologies
The product name may vary, but the technology foundation is the same.

Google G Suite & Google Cloud

G SuiteGoogle Cloud Platform
For smaller businesses especially who want low cost, high performance with absolute availability,
the G Suite from Google encompasses all of the standard services as well as an easily accessible end user productivity suite!

Moving forward, Google Cloud is a great way to supplement utilizing these services with a Free Trial, allowing you to decide if this is right or not.
G Cloud has an entire world (ask us about it!) beneath that name.  A number of products and application services to head your business in the right direction.


Microsoft Azure    Microsoft Office 365
We would be naive to ignore the promise of Microsoft's very own Azure suite.
In short? Your entire network, except up in the cloud.
Full integration into any existing infrastructure.
Why? Unity and native compatibility!
Outside from the normal computation, virtualization and networking, there are a number of other
Azure products,such as applications, the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and much more!


Docker and Kubernetes

Docker          Kubernetes
 Predictable, repeatable and immutable. There are no unexpected errors when you move it to a new machine, or between environments.
All of your application’s code, libraries, and dependencies are packed together in the container as an immutable artifact.
You can think of running a container like running a virtual machine, without the overhead of spinning up an entire operating system.

Amazon Web Services
Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Amazon has become a juggernaut in it's own right, offering tremendous cloud storage, DevOps, security and computing.
An easy to use, effective platform.  Redundancy.  Elasticity.  A fully featured as the two before but from another vendor.

VMware Workstation and ESXi

VMware Products   
Products such as VMware Workstation and ESXi allow for making the most flexibile and readily Diaster Recovery use of your systems.
These products allow us to create servers hosting anything from custom applications to something as resources demanding as a SQL Server.
All of this flexibility is very easy to integrated into your pre-existing network.  Upon upgrading, it also allows flexibility in terms of the resource required.

Citrix XenServer
Citrix & Citrix Xen
In theory Citrix works in much the same way as VMware products do, but workstation virtualization is very easy to implement.


Along with all of these absolute titans listed above we thought it might be good to include that we are also Webroot Certified in both Technical and in Sales!