Managed Services for What Matters

Island Tech Pro Services

Some of the other technical services we support, to help you leverage technology in your favor!

Remote Management & Monitoring (RMM)
Remote Management & Monitoring

We monitor and pro-active address issues with out 24/7 based platform!
When we see issues arise, you can trust Island Tech Pro to advise you of the best course of action!
We monitor and protect all of your Windows, Server, Linux and iOS devices through our Communication Client!
Every workstation and desktop is monitored 24/7 by an integrated Antivirus, Firewall, Auto-Containment, HIPS Technology and VirusScope.
This also includes a remote support feature, allowing your technician to assist anywhere you have an internet connection.

Cloud Services

Cloud Services, Integration & Migration

The cloud has brought so much to the table!

Expandable, reliable, redundant off site backup and disaster recovery;
Flexibile off site servers to take the strain off your infrastructure;
Migration and replication of your mission critical servers;
As well as elastic expansion of servers through technologies like Docker and Kubernetes.

Computer Repair
Computer Repair & Upgrades

We repair, upgrade any and all computers and servers you have in your enviornemnt!
From an employee's workstation- to a server rack!

Click here to check out some of the technologies we can leverage, to help expand and improve your business's infrastructure.



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