Managed Services for What Matters

Our Remote Monitoring, Management and Security Tools

Island Tech Pro is currently using only one of a plethora of RMM (Remote Monitoring and Management) platforms.  Over time, we have utilized Kaseya, Autotask and Continuum.

We settled on our current one, as it has an integrated Service Desk, Communication Client and Security Client!

Here is a quick tour of some of the features to expect when we perform a discovery and installation on your company's network!

24/7 Monitoring and Notifications
One each machine, an agent is installed.  This agent will shortly be followed by the installation of our Security Client

Taken from my very own computer, the green and yellow icon represents the Communication Client (Agent)
The red box with the C represents the Security Client.
By simply right clicking the Communication Client, every user in your organization will be able to submit a ticket to our fully integrated help desk!

These clients are able to be installed on both Windows and Linux based devices, as well as Android and iOS devices.
It does not matter if the individual machine is on the cloud- our client works there as well!  Save only for the Linux Security Client.
We will, however, be able to fully manage pushing out updates, etc to those devices.

If you should decide to go a different route in terms of your Security, we are just as easily able to monitor those individual programs' database version, as well.


Upon deployment, the agent will seek out machines across the network, installing the agent in the background.
After Communication Client installation completes, we then install the Security Client.

Device Maintenance
Every device is listed, and we are able to proceed accordingly for patching and updating both Windows and Microsoft applications, but common 3rd party applications as well.

On this list we keep track of what systems are up to date and which are not.
Instead of requesting the user to stop what they are doing for us to start running update processes, we instead issue commands to the device.
Scheduling is set based upon preference.  Generally Friday and Wednesday night, some time after 11:30 PM.

• Your Global Inventory
While we do technically have the ability to watch which applications are being installed, we do not make a habit of it unless we are specifically asked to or we get a warning from our HIPS or Containment security systems.
We also have the ability to remotely install the most current versions of MANY programs automatically through the Communications Client.
Another handy feature is being able to..
     - Check to see what computers Office is installed on, retrieve the serial and version
     - Check to see if Office is activated or not
     - Scan your entire network and generate an inventory report of both hardware and software and have it emailed

Do you still have an Excel spreadsheet somewhere, with a "good idea" of how many devices you have at home? No longer!

• Endpoint Security
When we are speaking about endpoints, we are generally referring to to the security 'endpoint' located on the machine itself.
From here, we can see from the application perspective the features that are in place...

Antivirus: one of the best ones out today
Firewall: monitoring incoming and outgoing traffic
Auto-Containment: stops potentially bad programs in a virtual sandbox
HIPS: Heuristic Intrusion Protection System; guards critical system files
VirusScope: identifies malware, etc before definitions can even be made
Website Filtering: blocks malicious sites

On the back end, where we can monitor and make decisions, we are alerted to infections immediately upon detection, remediation or if further action is required.
Allowing, recovering and purging possible infections made by any one of those functions is fully actionable by our admins.
We are also able to see in graph form, all of the devices across an organization, and deal with them quickly.
While this list is on the long side, it was decided to include so that you know that WE have YOUR BEST INTERESTS in mind!

Compliance Fields:
Active and Inactive Devices Last 24 Hours
Devices with Viruses
Devices with Blacklisted Applications
Devices Responses for Virus Scan
Rooted and Jailbroken Devices
Devices with Device Management Apps
Device Online
Scan Status
Antivirus DB Update
Security Product Configuration

Additional Integrated Services
Here are a few of the additional integrated services we are able to utilize on your network...
Feel free to ask about any other services not listed here that you are curious about!

Acronis Cloud Backup - Acronis cloud backup protects your critical data with a complete easy-to-manage service that backups up any type of data from any source and recovers it with ease to any destination or system. Acronis allows you to streamline your backup strategy. With single click you can capture entire systems or perform granular backups of individual files. Restoration is fast and easy with the ability to restore to new or different hardware or hypervisor.  Already integrated into our platform, we are able to backup between 100 GB to 5 TB, by both the local and cloud.  Prepaid or post- depends upon your storage needs.

Best Practice:  Nightly server backups to the cloud; nightly endpoint backups to a local device!

cWatch EDR
- cWatch Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) is a powerful event analysis solution that provides the highest levels of visibility into activities on Windows endpoints. EDR lets you view security related incidents in a detailed timeline while instant alerts keep you informed if an attack occurs.

Best Practice:  Get greater insight on to how infection is occurring to !

DomeShield - Web filtering solution that provides comprehensive, DNS based security for networks of all sizes. The solution scans all inbound and outbound web traffic to provide real time protection against the latest threats. Dome Shield also features advanced reporting, custom B/W lists and a granular policy manager which allows you to create location-specific filtering policies.

Best Practice:  Reduce inefficiencieny of workers by limiting what they can access online!

Dome AntiSpam - Uses a sophisticated array of spam filters, anti-virus scanners, phishing prevention and content analysis engines to prevent unsolicited mail from ever entering your network. Dome Antispam can protect against the latest unknown email threats with its advanced threat protection.

Best Practice:  Removal of the human error factor by as much as possible!

Dome Secure Web Gateway - Scan all inbound and outbound traffic, ensure 100% protection from web-borne threats, comply with corporate web access policies, on and off network.  Easily monitor, control and protect user web traffic 24/7/365. With maximized visibility and custom reporting, businesses can monitor all user web traffic and potential security threats in a single user interface. By creating site category and security rules for groups and users, admins can control user web browsing behaviors to ensure users are visiting safe, work-appropriate websites. Unlike other secure web gateways in the market, Dome Secure Web Gateway protects the network from exposure to zero-day threats without hindering productivity.

Best Practice:  An improvement of core features and an integration of Shield and Antispam!