Managed Services for What Matters

Our Managed Services Solution

There are a lot of MSPs in the world today.  Some good, some not so good.

However, Island Tech Pro is resolved in committing to...

1. Efficiently Resolving Issues Both Proactive and Reactively
2. Transparecy In Our Methods and Process
3.  Doing Right by Our Customer and Not Our Financial Bottom Line
4.  Addressing Current and Possible Issues BEFORE They Impact Business

                   Managed Services Model Managed Services allows a third party to not only handle all of your technology needs from one centralized provider, but provides 24/7 cloud based remote monitoring and management.  We schedule Windows Security and antivirus updates from behind the scenes.

Along with this extremely easy to implement technology solution, there is also a next generation antivirus, firewall and HIPS solution integrated into the platform.  This means any issues occuring on any endpoint whether it be patching or detected infection, we are automatically notified and made aware of the situation.

One of the most important aspects upon bringing Island Tech Pro onboard as your provider, is during our initial consultation.  We look at how the enviornment is, make suggestions and speak to users one on one to look beyond the front facing issues your company's technology may be facing.

For more information on the toolset we use, feel free to check our section on our RMM Tools.

Remote Monitoring and Management
Remote Control & Access
Automated Patch Management
Mobile Device Management
Mobile Application Manager
IT Automation Library and Scripting

Comprehensive Audit and Inventory
Network Performance
Network Assessment Tool
Policy-based Management and Compliance
Analytics and Reporting
Software Deployment

We operate 24/7/365 for our Managed Services partners.

There is also a flat fee for all remote support, included in to your package, regardless of how much time is spent.

In the spirit of honesty and transparency, this does not include special projects, etc.

On-site support calls are at 50% of the normal on-site technical support fee!

Click here to check out some examples and options in our integrated RMM toolset to help support you.

If you are already a Managed Services customer, please email to let us know if you have any new servers, workstations or VMs.



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