Managed Services for What Matters

Consulting and Professional Services

There are new platforms and technologies emerging constantly.
On-staff techs may have a handle on workstation level of your business's needs...
...but what about when that actually starts to stagnate and hurt your business?

The big new kids on the block today include technologies like virtualization, the cloud, Docker and Kubernetes.
Imagine requiring more resources than you could possibly handle on site?
How does automatically launching a virtual machine running in the cloud or on site with identical or even better stats with a simple deployment?
With a few simple key strokes, Island Tech Pro can bring that kind of ease of mind to you!

Isolate and backup your data with us!
We can setup and configure ESXi hosts with as many physical and virtual datastores that you desire, that are being backed up independently!
Regardless of the state of the virtual machine itself, your data is protected.

Technical Consulting Brainstorm

Down a man at the office today?
Let Island Tech Pro train, and have someone on site to be a fully effective member of your team in just 4 days!

Let us help you plan for, design, implement, operate & manage their IT infrastructure at a global scale.

We lever the power of technology for you!