Managed Services for What Matters

Managed Services for What Matters

Attention New York Businesses!

Tired of Expensive, Frustrating, Networking and Computer Problems?

Leverage Technology Today!

Why You Should Leave Your Current Provider for Island Tech Pro:

1. Specialist in Working With Growing Businesses
2. We Work When You Do! From 8am to 11pm
3. Optional 24/7/365 support availability
4. Competitive Rates With Other Managed Services Providers
5. Local technicians based in Farmingdale, NY
6. We Embrace The Newest Technologies and Help You Leverage Them for YOUR Success
7. We Do Not Inflate Pricing On Any Device When It Is Brought Through Us

Welcome to Island Tech Pro's Website!

After working with a numer of other Managed Services Providers (MSP), it was often noted that there were a number of issues, that as technology fanatics,
really sort of disturbed us. Most providers will nearly double the cost of something as simple as buying, setting up and deploying a new workstation, server,
networking device or other service.  Not only did we feel bad about the behaviour of many of these providers with regard to cost, but their lacsidasical appoach to customer service.  We earnestly felt that this is something that cannot stand any longer.

Something had to be done.

This gave birth to Island Tech Pro!

We invite you to explore our site, and please do check out our video below, today!

We keep up to date on all upcoming technologies across the board.
Technology is ever changing.  Ever growing.  Ever evolving...and so must we!

First off, let's
take  A Look At Our Services Introduction Video!

Still interested? We have an open pricing policy.
You can read the PDF here...   Island Tech Pro Pricing Schema



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